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Cephas hair is made up of Bible verses
Cephas eyes are researching to find doctrinal errors preached in as many denominations as are revealed.
Cephas height measures around the globe.
Cephas lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado


 Cephas educates about the enemy, the principality of Satan

Cephas has only one favorite 24/7 activity and that is serving the Lord in any way shape or form.


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Cephas's favorite activities is to research and help others find information they need to make good decisions about the church they are attending due to the apostasy that is taking place.


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    Cephas Ministries
    PO Box 351944
    Westminster CO 80035
    Phone: (303) 452 1104 (24/7)
    Email: r421@earthlink.net

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Lively Hope
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Why We Need His Name
God is Love








The Future of Third Temple
God's Story Now & Forever
The LDS Matrix
A Trip to Israel online





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